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Yves Callewaert was born in Belgium. At the age of 18 the photographer moved to London where he took a BA in Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Three years he changed London for Los Angeles and ventured a course in the field of Film and Television at UCLA - School of Theater, Film and Television. After living in Morocco and India for some time the photographer returned to his origins, to Belgium, where he continued his work in the film area.The crucial moment that launched him into the world of photography occurred in 2002 when he won the Worldwide Photography Competition with “Future Adults” organised by Bristol & Myers. Along with the recognition achieved by winning the award came an invitation from the “Blue Travel" magazine to photograph several parts of the globe for almost 4 years.

In 2006, with a whole range of diverse life experiments, the photographer embraces one more challenge and casts himself as a freelancer in the advertising world. In 2010 he began his production company and established his studio in Lisbon, from where he develops his multiple projects both to the Portuguese and to the international markets. And it is exactly in the area of advertising that once again the photographer sees his work recognized for several times by integrating the 200 Best Ad Photographers world wide of Lurzer´s Archive, PDN awards, One Eyeland, Cannes Lions, MIFA awards and a few more.

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