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Diane Allford is an advertising / editorial photographer and a multimedia artist, working in New York City. She was born in Philadelphia and grew up in Brooklyn. Diane studied photography at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. She then went on to establish her career as a photo editor, photography consultant, and researcher; for several magazines, international book publishers, corporations, and ad agencies.

Over the span of her career, Diane’s influence is evident on the pages of a variety of books and magazines. She has worked closely with art and creative directors; to research and commission illustration, photography, and video. After many years on the publishing side, she began to bring her own photography to the forefront.

Diane has always been fascinated with the use of imagery as a tool for storytelling. She creates this imagery with photography and motion. Her work concentrates on the everyday life of black and brown people; whether it’s portraiture, documentary, fashion or news.

Diane tells people’s stories and portrays what is important in their lives. She is passionate about illustrating narratives that create interest and inspiration, always leaving the subject with a positive experience.

Diane’s photographs have appeared in American Vogue, Vogue Italia, Rolling Stone, NYFW.com, films, and TV commercials. Most recently her photographs were used in Cadillac’s “Audacity of Blackness” TVC (with Spike Lee and Regina King), and for Ta-Nehisi Coates documentary film, “Between The World and Me”.

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