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Sandro Baebler is a portrait, advertising and editorial photographer. He grew up in Mollis Switzerland - a little mountain village - where he spent his time snowboarding, hiking, eating chocolate and playing in the snow. He studied graphic design in Zurich.

It was during his studies that Sandro discovered his passion for photography, built his own portfolio and started working as a photographer. His work has appeared in ELLE, GQ and L'OFFICIEL HOMMES, and he’s done portraits of notable people and celebrities. Today Sandro works between Europe and the States. In addition to photography he directs films with the same passion.

In 2015 Anja Mueller partnered with Sandro’s photography business. The cheese addict also grew up in Switzerland. She had a wonderful childhood with lots of hobbies - just ask her for a quick game of table tennis! After a commercial education in real estate management, a degree in architecture, and some stopovers practicing these, she finally found her true affection in assisting, producing and travelling with Sandro.

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