• director
  • cedric IH
  • "the eccentric one"
From a French mother and a Chinese father; Cedric had the unique opportunity to grow up in Paris, speaking both Mandarin and French.

After artistic studies and training as a digital artist, he began directing music videos, shorts, participating in internet video challenges, and working as a motion designer in advertising agencies. In 2007, Cedric co-founded Supamonks Studio, in which he was a co-director and line producer for six years in animation. He left the studio in 2012, in order to shoot live action and create several YouTube channels. After a short return to advertising as a producer, Cedric wrote and directed a short film : « Parisien, Trentenaire, Célibataire ». This was a great success in France with huge press and more than 350K views.

Cedric's first collective photography exhibition was held in May 2018, in Los Angeles, where he now resides.

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